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Keep The Elements At Bay With Premium Quality Residential & Commercial Roofs & Gutters.

Our Name Spells It Out, “Roof Experts” – The Highest Quality Roofing Installation & Repairs In DFW Metroplex!

Create loyal customers that love your brand

We take pride in quickly responding to you. Please fill out your information below and we will respond within 24hrs!

    DFW’s Hot & Humid Climate Can Wreak Havoc On Your Roof!

    A Broken Or Leaky Roof Will Make Any Property Owner Panic!

    You Should Be Able to Live Worry Free Under Your Roof!

    Our Premium Quality Roofs & Immaculate Workmanship Leave No Room For Error!

    Roof Experts Installs And Repairs Roofs & Gutters With Unbeatable Guarantees!

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will replace, modify or repair your roof to your satisfaction.

    Apples-To-Apples Guarantee

    If you find an identical roof at a lower price, we will pay you the difference plus $50!

    No-Blame-Game Guarantee

    If for some reason the manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty, we will repair your roof at no charge to you!

    We Know It’s Frustrating To Have To Repair Your Sub-Standard Roof Year After Year!

    With The Highest Quality Workmanship,
    Iron-Clad Warranties & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – You Can’t Go Wrong With Us!

    We have served over 900+ clients in the past 10 years.

    We know Texas construction laws and follow them to a T.

    We’re licensed & insured to the brim!

    Enjoy A New, Long-Lasting Roof In Just 4 Steps!

    1. Ask For A Free Quote

    Fill out our form and request a free estimate.

    2. Review Your Quote

    After receiving the quote review it carefully, then sign it and give us the go-ahead.

    3. Site Inspection

    We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to formulate the work plan.

    4. Job Done!

    Feel safe and secure under your brand-new/restored roof.

    Putting A Strong Roof Over Your Head

    Based on 13 reviews
    Stephanie Cass
    Stephanie Cass
    Joe Venker
    Joe Venker
    I used this company for a small roof repair due to wind damage last year. Had a terrible bout with a Hail storm earlier this year. Decided to go with them for my insurance claim. Let's just say that my insurance company did not want to cooperate however Dee helped escalate my claim and they also did a fantastic job on the roof. They facilitated my fence and garage door repair as well. I have nothing but great things to say and I would recommend them to anyone.
    Shiloh Glaze
    Shiloh Glaze
    Jake Proctor
    Jake Proctor
    Jeff Lunsford
    Jeff Lunsford
    Roof Experts far exceeded my expectations for what I thought a roofing company was and could accomplish! They really know what they are doing and are incredibly knowledgeable. Would always do business with them and happy to say that they are a customer of mine. And one of the best ones at that!!!
    Aaron Slazer
    Aaron Slazer
    Preston Cole Band
    Preston Cole Band
    Jeremy Combs
    Jeremy Combs
    Roof experts did a great job with my roof repair! They also helped me deal with my insurance company to get everything covered!!
    Sheri Taylor
    Sheri Taylor
    David Hancock
    David Hancock
    My business experience with Dee Mauldin since 2009 has always been professional. His concerns of customer satisfaction and support for our brand has never diminished or compromised.

    Frequently asked questions

    Every Roofer I Talk To Always Wants To Replace My Entire Roof; Can You Repair It?

    Repairs are a large part of our business; we have a dedicated service department for repairs. Repairs are priced from our industry-leading Straight-Forward Pricing Guide, meaning everyone gets the same pricing for the same repairs. You don’t get someone who takes a wild guess at what it should cost to fix your roof then wants to charge you more once the work has begun. Our repair crews come prepared in company vehicles (“Warehouse on Wheels”), so you don’t have to wait for guys to run to the store to pick up materials to fix your roof.

    Do You Help With Insurance Claims?

    The short answer is, yes!

    Texas has laws that govern how contracts can help property owners with insurance claims, and we follow the laws to the T!

    We can not negotiate your insurance claim for you; we can, however, help facilitate getting the work completed.
    We can not waive deductibles; only an insurance company can waive the required deductible.
    We can not “pump” up your insurance claim so you can keep money, as that is insurance fraud.

    Do You Offer A Warranty?

    We are glad you asked!

    We offer warranties for all of our work and even provide guarantees above and beyond our warranties.

    Workmanship warranties:

    All Repairs – 1 year
    All Commercial Projects – 2 years
    All Residential Projects – 5 years
    On top of our labor warranty, we provide manufacturer’s roof system warranties for all of our installations. These warranties range from 10-50 years and cover material and labor!

    Do You Have Insurance?

    Since we do commercial and residential roofing, we carry significant insurance policies.

    5,000,000 General Liability
    1,000,000 Auto
    2,000,000 Umbrella
    1,000,000 Workers Compensation

    Say Farewell To Your Roofing Blues! Whether You Need Roof Installation Or Repairs - Roof Experts Are One Of The Best In The DFW Metroplex Area.

    Life Is So Much Better Under A Reliable Roof!