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5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Gutters

Fall is here! We can feel it just about everywhere- from everything pumpkin flavored to the falling temperatures, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a sweater and listen to the crinkling leaves. But all of those beautiful leaves are making their way into your gutters! You might think, “So? They’re not clogged or anything.” And that’s why Roof Experts is here to let you know of all the reasons why you should clean your gutters.

1. Roof Damage

Even if there is still water flowing through your gutters, a slowed flow rate can cause trouble. Water can pool in some areas, leading to sags and a damaged roof or fascia. A damaged roof is unsafe for you and everyone under it! In addition, repairing or replacing gutters and roofing can be a big, expensive headache.

If your gutters get to that point though, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer repairs, replacement, and regular maintenance.

2. Foundation Damage

A blocked gutter can lead to water pooling in unexpected places. If the flow of water is blocked or slowed, it could lead to gradual pooling at the base of your downspout. Eventually, this puddle can cause cracks in your foundation. And that’s one issue that we can’t fix for you!

3. Birds’ Nests

Since most of us are not Disney princesses, we should keep birds from nesting in our homes. Unfortunately, they don’t always agree.

Once debris builds up in gutters, it provides a perfect spot for local birds to start to build. A well-built nest means a sure clog, which will lead to bigger problems. If you notice it has started, be sure you remove the start of the nest safely by following these steps. Your gutter is not the best place for our feathered friends for their safety, and yours.

4. Pests (the most surprising reason you should clean your gutters!)

Did you know that ants can live in your gutters? Built-up debris can provide them with all the materials they need to thrive on your home. If you’ve ever dealt with ants before you know they are likely to find the smallest crack and make themselves at home. At Roof Experts, we trust Dancan Pest Control for our clients and ourselves!

5. Cost

By keeping your gutters clear of debris you are doing a couple of things. First, you’re keeping them in better condition. Just like other purchases in life, keeping them in good shape extends their longevity, meaning you don’t have to pay to replace them as much.

Secondly, you’re getting a good look at the situation. By having a professional get a bird’s eye view, they are able to assess your gutters. Is there a tree branch soon to rest on them? Is there a spot that is showing premature signs of wear? A professional gutter expert can help you fight the causes of major problems before they become a burden on your time and wallet.

So this fall enjoy the weather, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hot cider. Lastly, don’t forget that those crisp beautiful leaves can cause a big annoying mess! With many reasons why you should clean your gutters, call Roof Experts for all your gutter maintenance!

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