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Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

With the increasing popularity of renewable energy, you may see a lot of your neighbors choosing to invest in solar panels. Unless you have a large piece of land to use, the best place for panels for home energy use is your roof. But maybe you just got a new roof. Or maybe your roof is metal and you’re not sure if it’s possible. What if your roof has a steep pitch? Do solar panels damage your roof? Roof Experts is here with Mayer Solar to assure you that solar panels do no damage, so long as the professionals work closely with roofing pros.

Here are a few things to ease your mind about professional solar panel installation.

Why don’t solar panels damage your roof?

Mounting System

First, solar panel professionals like our friends at Mayer Solar install a sophisticated mounting system specific to your roof. This system allows the weight of the panels to be evenly distributed across the structure of the roof. You won’t have any spots bearing unnecessary weight, meaning no solar panel damage to your roof.

Solar Panels Provide Roof Protection

Once properly installed, solar panels can actually offer additional protection to your roof. Since the panels are now covering large portions of your roof, they protect it from wind, rain, and hail. Additionally, they protect against sun damage AND provide electricity to your home. A two-for-one! Learn more about how hail can sneakily damage your roof here.

Do solar panels damage a certain kind of roof?


Roof Material Doesn’t Matter

Solar panels can provide protection and energy to your home no matter what type of roof you have. No one roofing type is susceptible to damage from solar panels. They all benefit! So you can rest easy knowing you can safely put solar panels on metal roofs. Check out some of Roof Experts latest and varied projects!

Roof Pitch Matters (But Don’t Worry)

It is true that solar panels work best between 15 and 40 degrees. Odds are, your roof falls into this category. Roofs with steeper pitches than this require high maintenance as they are prone to leaks and debris-filled gutters.

We hope we have assured you that solar panels do not damage your roof. Our friends at Mayer Solar can provide answers to all of your solar questions. So if you’re thinking of going solar, start with Mayer!

Have other roofing questions or concerns? Get in touch with us and schedule your free inspection!