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Originally published June 13, 2023. Reviewed and republished March 7, 2024.

Will Hail Damage My Roof?

Welcome to hail season! The transition from winter to spring is always exciting. The weather is warming up and the leaves are returning to the trees. Unfortunately for Texas and its neighboring states, this often means hail storms. You find yourself thinking how lucky you are that there’s a roof over your head and you’re not being harassed by hail. But then you think, “Wait, will hail damage my roof?”


It could! Depending on the size of the hail and severity of the storm, this weather event could cause minor to major damage. But here at Roof Experts, we want you to know what you can do to avoid hail damage.


Living in Dallas, or surrounding towns, hail is not uncommon – and our first thought is always “I need to move my car,” because hail will certainly damage a sun roof… The same goes for your actual roof.

Hail damage to roof shingles.

Will all hail damage my roof?


Luckily, no. Just because it’s hailing doesn’t mean you’ll have roof damage. However, a lot of little hail can shorten the life span of your roof.


So just how big does it have to be to be damaging?


Hail around 1” in diameter or bigger will damage your roof and warrant an insurance claim. Hail this large can create large dents and dings in your roof’s shingles. Now you may be thinking – “It’s just a few dents, it’s not like I have a leak” while you may not have a leak now, that little dent can create larger issues down the road.

QUICK TIP: If you have hail damage around your house, such as screen, gutter or A/C, you most likely have damage on your roof as well!

Hail damage seen here to window screens and rain gutters.

How can such a little dent lead to a roof leak?

Once the dent is created in a shingle and the hot Dallas sun beats down on it, it can create cracking, destroying the integrity of the roof. This then allows moisture to build up not only creating a perfect opportunity for a leak but mold as well.


How do I avoid roof damage?

While you can’t avoid hail damage completely, there are some things you can do to reduce the damage.

  • Get an annual roof inspection

    • At Roof Experts, we offer free roof inspections and come highly rated from clients and was just rewarded the Master Elite® Contractor status.

  • Replace damaged shingles with new ones

    • Doing this slowly overtime can be easier than replacing your whole roof, especially when there is only damage in some areas.

We get it, having to schedule a roof inspection is probably not the best way you want to be spending your time however this quick chat can save you hundreds maybe even thousands.

Give us a call today, we can’t wait to climb your roof!

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