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Key Takeaways:

  • Skylights provide many benefits, including increased natural light, improved ventilation, and reduced energy costs.
  • Skylights can also help improve a space’s aesthetics and create a more pleasant indoor environment.
  • When selecting one for your home or business, it is essential to consider the size, shape, and type of skylight.
  • Skylights can help reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy.
  • Skylights can help regulate the temperature inside your building, decreasing the need for heating and cooling.
  • Roof Experts offers roofing services to customers in Flower Mound, TX, and the surrounding areas.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your workplace building, you may want to consider investing in commercial skylights. Skylights can provide several benefits for your business, including energy savings, improved productivity, and more. Roof Experts will discuss ten reasons why commercial skylights are a smart investment for your business.

Why Invest in Commercial Skylights?

Skylights are a type of window installed on the roof of a building. They are designed to let in natural light and can help improve the lighting needs of a space. Skylights can be fixed or operable and can be made in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

Benefits of Commercial Skylights

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in commercial skylights for your business. Here are some of the top benefits:


1. Reduced Energy Costs

One of the primary benefits of commercial skylights is that they can help to reduce energy costs. Natural light enters a building through the skylight, which can help to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, skylights can help regulate the temperature inside a building, allowing heat to escape during summer and trap heat in the winter.

2. Improved Employee Health

Another benefit of commercial skylights is that they can improve employee health. Studies have shown that natural light can improve mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels. Additionally, natural light can also enhance the quality of sleep and reduce the risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

3. Increased Sales

Commercial skylights can also lead to increased sales. Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to make purchases in well-lit stores. Additionally, natural light can make products look more appealing, increasing sales.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

In addition to increased sales, commercial skylights can also enhance the customer experience. Customers who shop in well-lit stores tend to have a more positive shopping experience and are more likely to return in the future. Natural light can also make a store more spacious and inviting, attracting new customers.

5. Improved Building Appearance

Commercial skylights can also improve the appearance of a building. A well-lit facility looks more welcoming than a dark one. Additionally, skylights can add architectural interest to a building, making it stand out from its counterparts.

6. Increased Property Value

Another benefit of investing in commercial skylights is that they can increase property value. A study by the Appraisal Institute found that properties with skylights sold for 7% more than comparable properties without skylights. The study also found that properties with skylights had higher resale values than those without skylights.

7. Reduced Maintenance Costs

In addition to increasing property value, commercial skylights can also help to reduce maintenance costs. Skylights are durable, requiring little maintenance over their lifetime. Additionally, skylights can help extend a roof’s life by protecting it from UV rays and excessive heat build-up.

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8. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Commercial skylights also help to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. Skylights reduce the need for electric lights and help save energy. Additionally, because skylights help regulate the temperature inside a building, they can reduce the need for heating and cooling, reducing energy consumption.

9. LEED Certification Points

Skylights can also help a building earn LEED certification points. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building rating system that awards points for features that promote sustainable design. Ten points are awarded for “daylighting,” which includes installing windows and skylights that allow natural light into a space.

10. Tax Incentives

Many states offer tax incentives for businesses that invest in commercial skylights. These incentives, which typically take the form of tax credits or deductions, can help offset the cost of installation.

11. Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of commercial skylights is that they can help to improve the energy efficiency of a building. Skylights are effective in lowering energy bills and making a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, skylights can help to reduce the need for air conditioning, as they allow heat to escape from a building.

12. Enhanced Daylighting

Another benefit of investing in commercial skylights is enhanced daylighting. Daylighting is the process of having natural light illuminate a space. Commercial skylights provide abundant natural light, creating a more pleasant and inviting environment. Additionally, daylighting has been found to improve worker productivity and decrease absenteeism.

13. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Commercial skylights can also help to improve indoor air quality. Skylights allow fresh air to enter a building, which can help reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants. Additionally, skylights can help control humidity levels, allowing excess moisture to escape space.

14. Increased Natural Ventilation

Another benefit of commercial skylights is increased natural ventilation. Ventilation is exchanging air between indoor space and the outdoors. Skylights allow fresh air to enter a building while allowing stale air to escape, improving the overall air quality in a room. Additionally, ventilation can help control temperature, saving energy. It maintains humidity levels and reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth.

15. Reduced Glare

Commercial skylights can also help to reduce glare in a space. Glare is excessive brightness that can cause visual discomfort or impair vision. Skylights are designed to diffuse light, which helps to reduce glare and improve visibility in space.

16. UV Protection

Another benefit of investing in commercial skylights is that they provide UV protection. UV rays are harmful ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun. UV rays can cause skin cancer, eye damage, and other health problems. Commercial skylights are coated with a material that blocks UV rays, which helps to protect occupants from their harmful effects.

17. Increased Privacy

While many people think of skylights as being transparent, several different types of skylights provide varying degrees of privacy. For example, opaque skylights are ideal for spaces where privacy is essential, such as bathrooms or changing rooms. Skylights also have frosted or textured glass, which can diffuse light and provide privacy while allowing some natural light into the space.

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