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What Flowers Do Best in Dallas?  

Wait, I thought I was on the Roof Experts site? You are! This spring, while you’re tackling spring cleaning, scheduling your post-winter roof maintenance, and signing up for summer camp, why not plant zhush up the yard! If you’re new to gardening you may not know what flowers do best in Dallas, so let’s take a look together.

What Flowers Do Best in the Dallas Sun?  


Canna (Lily)

Elephant Ear

Globe Amaranth

Canna Lilies  

We have it on the good authority of public opinion that these flowers are perfect for the Dallas sun and for new gardeners. Sometimes referred to simply as “Canna,” they grow in a variety of warm colors and their bold leaves provide fullness in your greenery.

Elephant Ear  

Turns out, Canna Lily has a good friend, Elephant Ear. As the name suggests, these huge green leaves provide a dramatic look to your garden without much effort. Elephant Ear and Canna enjoy sharing soil and thrive in the same conditions. Here’s more info on how to care for your Elephant Ear. (No veterinarian required.)

Globe Amaranth, or Gomphrena  

These are going to be a good bet for making your own bouquets for your home! This puffy little smile-maker thrives when it is cut so chop away!

What Flowers Do Best in the Shade of Dallas Trees?  


Impatiens come in a variety of colors!

Purple Heart

Scarlet Sage


Impatiens are adorable little flowers that brighten up any shady area. They only like 2-4 hours of sun a day so they do best beneath a tree, bush, or large plant like elephant ear.

Purple Heart  

Purple Heart is a great way to provide some non-traditional “greenery.” This plant does product a small purple flower but it’s large purple leaves are the show-stopper.

Scarlet Sage  

If you want an eye-catcher in your yard’s shady spots, look to Scarlet Sage. A delicate but very bright oblong red flower that is sure to snag your (and your neighbor’s attention)

Show-stopping Flowers That Do Best in Dallas  


Keep your yard and native bees happy with these seed blends!

Native Wildflowers  

Roof Experts gladly recommends ordering a wildflower blend from your friendly seed distributer, Native American Seed. A local Texas company, Native American Seed can provide you with a wildflower blend that is fully native to your area and keeps the bees happy!


Have a fence? Worried no one will see your gorgeous garden? Sunflowers are here to show off all your efforts!

Other Flowers to Consider


The beautiful Texas state flower, the Bluebonnet.

  • Bluebonnets- it’s the Texas state flower for a reason!

  • Texas Lantana- keep the Texas theme going!

  • Zinnias- bang for your buck. Inexpensive, grows easily, and a spot of sunshine!

Incorporating these flowers into your Dallas garden will not only enhance its beauty but also support local wildlife, creating a vibrant and lively outdoor space. Happy gardening!

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