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Roofers Coffee Shop: Roof Experts


Roof Experts was honored to be a guest on the Roofers Coffee Shop Podcast! Roofers Coffee Shop is where roofing industry leaders meet up and talk shop. Just like newspaper stands and diners used to be the early-morning spot for roofers and contractors, Roofers Coffee Shop has virtually taken that place. Here, roofers can swap information on jobs, materials, and third parties. When it comes to all things roofing, Roofers Coffee Shop is the place to be!


Roofers Coffee Shop: Who They Are

Over 20 years ago, began as a support site for Roofers Exchange, an industry newspaper that focused on classified ads. Roofers Coffee Shop allowed roofers to come together to discuss what they needed to succeed. This platform paved the way for roofers to troubleshoot together and to pinpoint necessary resources for industry growth. Today, Roofers Coffee Shop has expanded its offerings. As a leader in roofing digital marketing, RCS is a place where professionals can share ideas, tell stories, conduct research, buy and sell equipment, and seek assistance in all aspects of the field. Naturally, Roof Experts is proud to be a part of this group and we were thrilled to meet up for an interview.


Roofer of the Month

That’s right. Yours truly, Roof Experts, was presented as roofer of the month just a few short months ago! Roofers Coffee Shop hosts a weekly, 2-part podcast that is about all things roofing. Each month, they highlight a roofing professional that is serving their community and growing for the greater good. Roof Experts got to discuss what makes our company great to work for AND with!



What Makes Us Great:

  • The People

    • Everyone who works at Roof Experts cares. Whether you are an employee or a customer, we care. We care about your life and what it involves! When we ask “How’s it going?” we mean it!
      • We use our internal social media site to boost one another up! We love highlighting people’s work anniversaries, customer reviews, and even their amazing vacations!

        We’re always happy to relax AND rep Roof Experts.

  • Experience

    • If you have a home or business that has a roof, we are here to help! No matter what material sits on top of your home or business, we can repair, replace, or re-roof it. From residential shingles to commercial TPO and standing seam metal, we truly can do it all.



Flat commercial metal roofing installed by Roof Experts USA, Frisco TX

Social Butterflies

    • We believe in creating and maintaining positive relationships throughout all aspects of the home or business-owning industry. So even though we are your go-to for roofing, skylights, and gutters, we have recommendations for fencing, windows, concrete, siding, solar, and more! Naturally, our first choice of HVAC is our sister company, Expedition HVAC. If our calendar is full, you can be sure we’ll recommend another trustworthy industry professional to take care of you.

      Just one of our many preferred partners!

  • Customer Service

    • When you book a service or free roof inspection with us, we keep you in the know. We send you a picture and identifying information of the Expert showing up at your home. We know that uneasy feeling of allowing someone you’ve never met into your personal space!
    • Throughout the project, we send you all the information you could need to keep up to date. Not only that, we keep in constant contact with your insurance company if needed!
    • When we’re finished, we always make sure to remove any and all debris. We don’t want anyone stepping on something harmful! Have a pool? We’ll be sure to get a professional out to make sure nothing is left behind that could cause damage to you OR your pool filter.
    • Last but certainly not least- cookies. Yep. Every completed project comes with a box of sugar cookies. How sweet is that?

      Cole (R) is one of the many friendly faces you may get to know! Seen here with our trade show raffle winner!

  • We Make Roofing Fun!

    • Come see us at any trade show and you are sure to have a good time. We love fun refreshments, prize raffles, costumes, and any opportunity to make connections with a smile.

      Our typical trade show vibe.



We love Roofers Coffee Shop and it was so great to learn that they love us, too. Connect with us on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook to get to know us even better. Big thanks to Roofers Coffee Shop for highlighting the work we do! They are an invaluable addition to the roofing industry!


Roof Experts is here to repair or replace any commercial or residential roof you need. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

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