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As daylight hours grow shorter, everyone gets excited about bringing more light into our homes. Some people will tell you that adding skylights to your home is not the best way to do this, but Roof Experts will tell you otherwise.

So, which one should you believe?

We will debunk some of the most common misconceptions about skylights in this blog post.

Skylight Myth 1: Skylights Let Too Much Light In

While it’s true that the purpose of a skylight is to let light in, it’s also true that you can control how much light comes in by using tinted or low-E glass. Tinted glass will reduce the amount of visible light that comes in without blocking the natural light. Low-E glass is made with a thin coating of metallic oxide reflecting ultraviolet light, making things heat up. In other words, it’s perfect for hot climates.

Skylight Myth 2: Solar Panels Will Damage My Roof

This one largely depends on the quality of the solar panels you purchase. If you buy cheap solar panels, there’s a good chance they will be less durable than more expensive ones. But if you buy high-quality solar panels, they should last as long as your roof does. Most solar panel manufacturers offer warranties that cover 25 years or more.

Skylight Myth 3: Skylights Can’t Be Switched Off

This is another myth that’s based on outdated technology. Today’s skylights come with remote-controlled blinds, so you can quickly close them when you want to block the sun. Not only this, but the amount of light you want to let in is also adjustable. This way, you can enjoy the natural light while not worrying about the sun’s heat or glare.

Skylight Myth 4: Skylights Aren’t Insulated

A prevalent misconception about skylights is that they’re not well insulated. However, modern skylights are very energy efficient. They’re made with double- or triple-pane glass and are filled with insulating gas to help keep your home’s heat in and the cold out.

Skylight Myth 5: You Need a Solar Panel to Run a Skylight

Skylights are powered by electricity so that you can plug them into any standard outlet. You may need a solar panel if you want to power the fan on your skylight, but this is typically an optional facet.

Skylight Myth 6: Skylights Don’t Add Value to Your Home

While it’s true that skylights aren’t usually considered when appraising your home, they can add value. In a study by the NAR (National Association of Realtors), they found that adding skylights to your homes can cause an increase in the resale value of about $20 for every $100 spent on installation and materials.

So, what do you think? Is skylight installation something you might be interested in?

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