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Free Roof Inspection!


Yes you read that right, Roof Experts offers a free roof inspection. In fact, we insist upon it. All of our services begin with a complimentary assessment. So no matter what service you’re looking for, our skilled professionals first start with a physical and digital inspection of your roof. Between high-quality drone footage and a trained eye, Roof Experts provides a comprehensive and free roof inspections no matter the property type, roof size, or material.


Waterproof seams are key to commercial TPO roofing.

Free Commercial Roof Inspections




Commercial roofing inspections are key to the livelihood of your roof. Your business’s roof is likely made of either TPO or metal. TPO is a material made from varying types of polypropylene. You can read more about its specifics here. The material itself provides much of the benefit but the proper application of TPO is critical. Improperly sealed seams can lead to water damage in the underlying layers of roofing, creating large, expensive problems down the road. Regular roof inspections and a commercial roof maintenance plan provide a proactive way to ensure small problems are repaired before big problems arise.


Commercial metal roofing on a bank building in Carrollton, TX.



Many commercial roofs (and homes now, too) are made of metal sheeting. Metal provides unparalleled protection against wind and precipitation, making it an especially good choice for buildings in areas of extreme weather. Metal roofing is a specialization! Not all roofing companies are adequately trained in the installation and repair of this high-quality material. With Roof Experts, we know every aspect of metal roofing and are happy to lend our trained eye to your free roof inspection. With metal roofing, it is particularly important that your roofing company knows the ins and outs of gutters as well to be sure the redirected water is being appropriately considered for your property. Lucky for you, that’s us, too.


Free Residential Roof Inspections


Wood-look asphalt shingles on a residence in Frisco, TX.




Asphalt shingles are a common residential roofing material due to its durability, its wide variety of compositions, and its aesthetically pleasing options. It also has been a staple (roofing joke) in the roofing industry for decades meaning the understanding and application is more widely known. We are big fans of its accessibility and trustworthiness as a roofing material. One benefit of shingles is that they hide imperfections easily. Unfortunately, that also means that small dents due to hail or lifting shingles due to wind are hard to see. Roof Experts has decades of experience with asphalt shingles and can identify problems with ease. Your free roof inspection may show us small problems you didn’t know were there!


Check out the free roof inspection process!


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Roof Experts is your home for a reliable and FREE roof inspection, no matter what. Call us whether you own a small cottage or an expansive strip mall. We know it all and are here to help! Check out our instagram for photos and videos of our work so you can see what makes a roof inspection so important.


Roof Experts is here to repair or replace any commercial or residential roof you need. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

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