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White Rock Lake trail, Dallas.

Our Favorite Dallas Summer Activities


The Texas summer temperatures are coming in HOT! We polled our Roof Experts to see what their favorite Dallas summer activities are that help beat the heat. Here’s the poll they were given:

What’s your favorite way to keep cool in the Texas summers?

  • Indoor activities: movies, karting, indoor sports
  • Water activities: parks, lakes, pools
  • Just lean into it and pretend you own a giant sauna

Needless to say, pretending to own a sauna did NOT come out on top. Our Experts love being in the water! We’ll discuss the best Dallas summer activities that cover all of these options and we’ll be sure to keep your roof on your mind.

Indoor Dallas Summer Activities


Though indoor activities didn’t make the cut for our crew, here are some fun suggestions for when you just need a blast of AC.

K1 Indoor Karting

Bring out your competitive side with your friends and get to racing! Karting is thrilling, affordable, and best of all, INDOORS. Keep safe from the sun with this fast fun!

Alamo Drafthouse


Why not stay in, catch a movie, and have your meal brought right to your seat? All while supporting a Texas-founded company!

Dallas Museum of Art

Get in touch with your artistic side and take a stroll through the Dallas Museum of Art! The first Sunday of the month (coming up!) offers free admission. And for when you want to get outside, check out one of their “en plein air” painting demonstrations.

Know what all of these places have in common? They are all commercial properties housing high tech and high value items. That means their roof is more important than ever! Keeping these valuables at the right temperature depends on a reliable temperature control system. What does that have to do with the roof? High quality commercial roofing ensures that the sun’s rays don’t damage the roof, but instead the UV is reflected. Reflected UV and properly sealed quality roofing makes an HVAC system run smoothly!


Dallas Summer Activities in the Water


Keeping Cool 


Our crew loves to spend hot Dallas days in the pool! So find your neighbor or community pool and head over with snacks.  If you need something more immediate, check out these recommendations.

Family Pool

Practical AND stylish.



That’s right, the baby pool has gotten an upgrade! Now you can fit everyone in and show off your Texas pride with this fun inflatable from HEB.


The sprinkler is a classic choice. Hang out in a lawn chair or run through it- either way, you’re cooling down and watering those amazing flowers you planted in the spring.

Local Natural Swimming Areas

If you’re up for a day out, check out one of these beautiful lakes in and around Dallas! All lakes listed here are safely swimmable!

Possum Kingdom Lake


  • Possum Kingdom Lake : funny name, seriously big lake. Over 17,000 acres of water for you to explore if you’re looking for a day away from the city.


Staying cool in the sun is key during Dallas summers. Why not make the most of those rays by installing solar roofing shingles? That’s right, solar shingles lie flat on your roof, allowing for those sun’s powerful rays to power your home. If your roof needs an upgrade or a major repair, schedule your inspection with us and we’ll get you on the path to solar energy.



Stay cool this summer! Make the most of the sun by spending time in the water and upgrading your roof!


Roof Experts is here to inspect any commercial or residential roof you need. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!


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