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Award-Worthy Commercial Roofing


Roof Experts proudly submitted projects to the annual ARMA awards! We believe these projects provide the best examples of our expertise and workmanship. From the stunning Wolff residence to the Discovery at the Realm luxury apartment living, we provide beautiful results for all roofing types- metal, TPO, shingles, and more!


Shingles and TPO roofing in harmony.

Discovery at the Realm

Discovery at the Realm was a dream of a project. The construction crew was great to work with and kept us in the know throughout the project. The scale and aesthetics of this project allowed us to show off our multitude of skills. Discovery is a luxury apartment complex with naturalistic amenities located in Lewisville, TX. A constructed lake with waterfall and a beach area are just the beginning. This complex is perfectly located for dining, shopping, and local nightlife. The scale of this 5-building apartment facility allowed for multiple roofing styles and required gutters and downspouts that blended seamlessly, no matter the roofing style. Roof Experts got to show off their expertise and some beautiful products in modern roofing by GAF and Tile Tech. Let’s dive into what makes these products a standout choice for stunning modern living.


Award-Worthy Commercial Roofing Products


  • GAF Timberline HDZ Weathered Wood Shingles

    • Provides aesthetic appearance of wood
    • Performs like asphalt shingles in its durability against wind and hail
    • Altogether a modern and highly functional choice for the space


GAF Timberline Shingles in Weathered Wood. Note the facility’s beach feature!


GAF Timberline HDZ Weathered Wood Shingles provide the beautiful look of wood but the dependability of asphalt. In a state like Texas that receives the extremes of every season, wood just couldn’t hold up. Weathered Wood Shingles provide protection from high winds, hail, and severe sun that often wears wood quickly.


  • GAF EverGuard TPO

    • TPO is a great choice for low pitch or flat roofs
    • EverGuard provides exceptional UV protection
      • Keeps under layers of commercial roofing from sun damage
      • Allows for high light reflection, lowering the client’s energy costs!


GAF EverGuard TPO displayed in front of beautiful tiered lake.


GAF EverGuard TPO is a logical choice for a project of this scale. Not only does it provide unparalleled protection against UV, but its light reflective value means that the overall energy costs are cut significantly. Beyond that, it is an economical choice that allows for simple, regular maintenance and the possibility of a re-roof to extend it’s life by 20 years.

  • McElroy Metal Standing Seam Roof Panels

    • Great choice for roofing feature or difficult slopes
    • Provides modern aesthetic
    • Differentiates from other roofing components
    • Incredibly durable and long-lasting

Seen in the photo above, the metal roofing provides an eye-catching element to the flat roofing system. TPO was absolutely the best choice here but the addition of a metal component gives it some visual interest and upholds the standard of durability and quality of the rest of the roof.

  • Brazilian Tile Tech IPE Deck Tiles

    • Provided a functional covering for TPO that allows for client use
    • Increase living area square footage by creating deck space
    • Ipe wood is known for its durability and weather resistance
    • Beautiful choice for decking


How IPE wood deck tiles are placed on TPO roofing.



Adding Tile Tech tiles to the TPO membrane created a beautiful, functional space for the tenants of this gorgeous complex. The best parts about flat roofs are being able to utilize the extra square footage! The tile function allows for easy access to the roofing material underneath, making maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.




The best thing to say here is that if you need a roof, any roof at all, call us. We loved making these roofing decisions and demonstrating our skills in a variety of materials. Metal roofing for visual appeal, asphalt shingles for dependability, TPO for light and UV protection, and Ipe tiles for function! Discovery at the Realm was a pleasure to work on and we appreciate any opportunity to demonstrate our award-worthy commercial roofing services.


Roof Experts is here to repair or replace any commercial or residential roof you need. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

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