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Roof Experts: ARMA Award Spotlight


The Wolff residence required a high degree of knowledge and skill due to its steep pitch.


The Wolff Project


Roof Experts have recently submitted multiple projects to the ARMA awards. These projects highlight some of our favorite ventures and outcomes, both residential and commercial. The competition was tough but we are immensely proud of our work, either way. Today, Roof Experts proudly shines a spotlight on the ARMA Award submission, The Wolff Project.

After a large Dallas hail storm hit this home, the owners called Roof Experts. This job seemed like just another roof repair, however the homeowners’ insurance did not want to pay for the damages incurred by the hail. They then had to go through the full appraisal process, and we were there for whenever they needed us! A little after a year, it was finally cleared by their insurance and we got to work. We worked fast to get their home back into tip top shape in just one day. The home was accompanied by a beautiful swimming pool. To protect it, we were sure to cover it during the project. However, we also hired a professional when we were done to make sure any potential debris was correctly removed. We also used the Catchall to protect nails, scraps or any other roofing material to fall onto the ground or bushes to protect the children and dogs within the home and to keep the general area free of debris.

Roof Experts ARMA Award Spotlight – The Challenges

The biggest challenge with this project was waiting for the appraisal. When a client calls Roof Experts we are quick to fit them into our schedule that week, especially when it comes to hail damage. We know that by pushing off repairs can lead to larger and more expensive issues. We were glad to know that no major issues occurred during the appraisal time. Our team was so eager to get on this roof they completed it within 1 day! The steepness of the roof was also another challenge and ensuring we were meeting all OSHA requirements. We are lucky to have such highly trained men and women on our team that have the experiences to work on roof’s with this steep of an angle. Our clients expressed their gratitude for our quick and diligent work!

Choosing Materials



GAF HDZ shingles offer the perfect mix of beauty and long-term durability. Roof Experts knows that this will allow the homeowner comfort and safety with this choice, as well as keeping roofing materials out of landfills for longer. We also are always sure to check with the HOA standards within any community we work in. It’s becoming more and more common that many HOA’s requires the use of asphalt roofing due to it’s durability and it being the overall best roofing choice, and that was the case for this home as well. We matched the shingles to any approved HOA Standard so that the home blends seamlessly in with the rest of the community!

The Country Club Ridge At The Trails neighborhood is known for it’s elite, well-established community and ornate home structures that dates back to 2004. This home’s steep, castle-like roof construction was highlighted when we used the architecturally stylish roof asphalt shingles provided by GAF. A roof with this garniture provides a luxurious style and choosing the proper shingles to enhance these roof peaks was critical in our discussion with the client. This home offers a large aesthetic appeal and it’s strong roofing character allows it to catch your eye. The GAF HDZ shingles offer the perfect mix of beauty and long-term durability.

To Conclude 


Roof Experts is thrilled with the outcome of this project. The most difficult part was waiting for the appraisal to come through so we could get to work. In just one day, we set up, completed the project, and removed materials so that the homeowner could get back to their regularly scheduled life. Hiring a pool cleaner dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. We enjoyed the scope and challenge of this project. Both our team and the homeowner are pleased as punch! Give us a call with our next challenge.

Roof Experts is here for any residential or commercial roofing issue or question you may have. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!


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