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Securock by United States Gypsom (USG).

What is Securock?


Securock is a coverboard made by United States Gypsom Co (USG). Coverboard is the second layer of commercial roofing and prevents damage from foot traffic, falling objects, hail, and punctures. There are many types of coverboard to choose from but today we will highlight why our choice is Securock and how it benefits your commercial roofing system.

Coverboard: The Basics


While we’ll go through the details of commercial roofing in an upcoming blog, coverboard is an essential step in your business’s roof. The basics are that there are 3 layers to a commercial roof. First, the insulation is installed. Then, your choice of coverboard. Lastly, the roofing material itself- commonly TPO or EPDM. The top layer of roofing provides the weatherproofing. Sealed seams and light-reflective material keep rain and sun from quickly damaging your building. But coverboard provides the strength of the roof. There is no wrong choice when it comes to a coverboard as far as durability goes. But we’re going to highlight what makes Securock different and why we love to use it.


Securock by USG


Securock’s main differentiating quality is all in its manufacturer! USG is comprised of gypsum mines, quarries, and processing plants throughout the United States. The company is over 100 years old and you are probably familiar with its most famous invention, Sheetrock. After perfecting your home’s walls, USG sought out to perfect your roof. Securock joins the team as an innovative and safe coverboard material. So how is it different?

  • Third-Party Only

    • Since Securock is not made by any of the major roofing manufacturers, big names like GAF and Elevate (formerly Firestone) provide it in their services AND uphold their own long-lasting warranties. Leading providers of roofing materials purchase Securock and supply it to their trusted contractors. This third-party relationship demonstrates their trust in the product and also allows for consumer confidence. The material supplier isn’t pushing their own product, but an outside option, letting you know it isn’t about name recognition, but rather about providing quality products.


  • Greater Compression Strength

    • Compared to its direct competitors, Securock has greater compression strength. Here is where that helps! Many businesses are allowed to have 2 roofs, in lieu of doing a full replacement. In this case, a new layer of coverboard is placed over the old roof, followed by a new top layer. Our next blog will discuss this process more in depth. For now, you need to know that a re-roof may involve placing coverboard on a roof that is damaged, but fully functional. Should the older roof have divots, the coverboard will be placed over them. Compression strength comes into play when a contractor steps onto this new coverboard. It is important that it does not splinter, crack, or break when weight is applied.


  • Sustainable

    • The homogenous composition of Securock and its gypsum component makes it s sustainable choice! Beyond that, the composition provides panel strength and water resistance to the coverboard. Lastly, the composition of the panels allows for the use of 25% fewer fasteners. Sustainable panels that use less outside materials! It’s an eco-friendly double-whammy.


  • Gypsum!

    • Gypsum is the hero here. All other coverboards are fiberglass-based. As many of you know, handling fiberglass is unpleasant, bordering on unhealthy. Roofing specialists have to diligently wear their Personal Protective Equipment to protect their lungs from fiberglass inhalation and their skin from lesions. Gypsum does not emit the same harmful dusts as fiberglass, meaning crews can install the coverboard without concern for their safety.


Roof Experts contractor sealing commercial TPO roof.



Roof Experts is happy to provide the best materials in the roofing industry. Our team has decades of experience and is always looking for the best innovations in roofing technology. We believe Securock is a prime example of one of those innovations. Securock provides superior performance, sustainability, safety, and trustworthiness than its direct competitors and we are proud to work with this USG product on a daily basis. If your commercial roof needs replacement or a re-roof, don’t hesitate to contact us!



Roof Experts is here for all of your commercial roofing needs. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!


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