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Roof Experts: Northaven Terrace Apartments


Roof Experts commercial project, Northaven Apartments.

Northaven Terrace Apartments


Recently, we submitted some of our most notable projects to the ARMA awards. The competition was tough but we are proud of our projects no matter what! We are especially thankful to work on the Northaven Terrace Apartments. This complex is considered a class C residence, meaning it is need of updates and repairs. Its new owner started out by contacting Roof Experts to provide the tenants with a dependable, leak-free roof!


A crisp new roof for Northaven Apartments.

The Challenges


The size of this apartment complex and a short timeline made for quite a challenge. This project spanned the Dallas winter- an unpredictable season at best! We roofed all 243 units of this complex in just three months. We considered a lot of different factors when taking on this project:

  • Considering the flat roof, what material would do best?
  • Is the chosen material appropriate for a roof of this size?
  • Are we able to complete this project with minimal resident disturbance?
  • Can this challenge be accomplished in the given time?
  • Speaking of residents, what is the upkeep like on this material? Will it require frequent, bothersome maintenance?


Choosing Materials


For this low slope roof, we choose to use Polyglass insulation due to it’s weatherproofing and superior quality. We paired this roofing material with the Polyglass Self Adhere Base Sheet and Polyglass Modified Cap Sheet to provide an additional layer of security to weather intrusion.
We chose asphalt roofing because it is the most reliable material that provides the greatest durability. Reliability and durability indicates the roof will need fewer repairs and less maintenance- a.k.a. fewer disturbances  for the tenants! Whenever there is a job of this magnitude, it can feel invasive to have so much going close to your home and it’s important to Roof Experts that these tenants will not have to be disturbed anytime soon. Asphalt Shingles provide the quality and peace of mind these tenants deserve. Feeling safe and secure in your home without the hassle of repair crews is a basic but vital luxury!


Precision and Skill


It wasn’t merely the scope of this project that provided a challenge, but the style of re-roofing that was done. All of our contractors had to have knowledge AND skill to pull it off. The logistics of removing the old roofing had to be expertly coordinated to accommodate the management team’s schedule, the lives of the residents, the arrival of materials, the weather, and tenant education efforts. So apart from needing a speedy skill set, our team also needed to have the best communication possible for this project to be completed without a hitch.


To Conclude 


Newly roofed Northaven Terrace.


Roof Experts is thrilled with the outcome of this project. Any chance we have to help the community we take! The tenants at this facility can now rest easy knowing their roof is in excellent condition. While we love thinking of all of our clients as friends and neighbors, we hope to see them for regular maintenance and no sooner. Thanks for trusting Roof Experts with over 240 homes!

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