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The Catch-All



The Catch-All is a product that has changed the way roofing debris is collected and the way your home (or business) is protected. Roof Experts is happy to use a product that makes such a substantial difference in our work. Not only is set up easier than the traditional tarp method, but it better protects and is more cost-effective over time. Tarps wear out, the Catch-All doesn’t!


The Catch-All: Why It Matters to You


The Catch-All positioned over a client’s lawn and landscaping.


  • It is quicker to set up than traditional tarps.

    • By being faster to set up, we waste no time getting to work on your project. Less time for us means less money spent for you.


  • It allows for airflow.

    • Allowing for airflow is essential for the health of your landscaping and lawn. A traditional tarp traps heat beneath it and this Texas sun is no joke. A day of your grass trapped in extreme heat can be detrimental to your lawn. Plus, the Catch-All has different weights so that your shrubs aren’t smooshes flat. Instead, a lightweight mesh keeps them happy and keeps nails out!


  • You can see through it.

    • Being able to see what is beneath the tarp allows our contractors to stay safe and to keep the elements of your yard pristine. You don’t have to worry about something being caught beneath it unknowingly.


  • It’s flexible.

    • The flexibility of the Catch-All over traditional tarps means it is more durable. The wrong step can mean a tear in a tarp. Then, it is no longer doing it’s job of protecting your property AND it requires time and money to be replaced.


Why It Matters to Us


Simple set-up of the Catch-All seen here.


As professional roofers with decades of experience, we want a product that is as reliable as we are. Here are some of the key reasons we love it for our business.

  • It’s economical.

    • One Catch-All system replaces countless tarps and OSB boards each year. For a single purchase, the price is high but the amount of use we get out of it actually means we save money. We pass those savings on to you!


  • The Catch-All is lightweight.

    • In roofing, lots of our materials are heavy and bulky. The lightweight nature of the Catch-All system means less strain on our contractors, keeping them safe and healthy while they work.


  • It is designed by and for roofers.

    • A product designed by roofers means that all of the things we consider have already been addressed. This system has both the roofer and customer in mind, allowing for an all-around positive experience throughout your project.


  • Locally owned and operated!

    • We are happy to support other Texas roofing enterprises. Even though we may bid for the same clients, there’s no denying this invention is vital to our business and we are so thankful for another forward-thing Texas company!


To Conclude

Roof Experts puts customer service first. We know that a perfect roofing project can be ruined by hazardous nails and materials left in your yard. With the Catch-All, we keep you and your property safe from roofing debris. The quick and easy set up saves time and money for all involved. And we don’t mind displaying our logo on your home for a day! Keep your property undisturbed- trust Roof Experts to use the Catch-All every time.

Roof Experts is here for any residential or commercial roofing issue or question you may have. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!


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