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Protect Your Home From Santa-On-Roof Shenanigans

Roof Experts is here to keep your roof in good shape year round! Here are a few simple ways to ensure a smooth visit when Santa’s on your roof.

Roof Experts is an exclusive distributor of Reindeer-Proof Roofing!

Reindeer hooves and sled skis can provide instant wear and tear to your roof! Invest in our top-secret reindeer-resistant roof coating. It has all the resistance of Teflon while still providing a safe grip for St. Nick’s landing.

Chimney Confusion

We’ve all heard about Santa’s issue of getting stuck in chimneys. People don’t belong in there for extended periods of time! Especially when they have so much to do in one night. Be sure and schedule your roof inspection immediately after Christmas so we can be sure Santa made it safely back on the roof and isn’t stuck in your house!

Santa’s Roof Landing Pad

Do your shingles look a mess after Christmas? It’s no wonder! Nine reindeer and a sleigh full of toys are sure to rearrange some things. Give us a call for all your sudden repairs!

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

Don’t let Santa on the roof be anything but fun! Schedule your free roof inspection to be fully prepared!

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