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The Benefits of an HVAC – Roof Partnership

Your commercial property deserves a great roof. We encourage you to reach out to Roof Experts for all of your roofing needs! But what about other systems that affect your roof? Did you know that over 90% of commercial properties place the HVAC on the roof? Roof Experts works closely with our integrated company, Expedition Heating and Air, to ensure that your HVAC is installed and maintained by Dual-Trained Technicians. Read on to learn why it matters to you, your business, and your customers.

Common HVAC- Roof Problem #1: Weight

HVAC systems are HEAVY. When new HVAC systems are set up on an existing structure, the weight of it was not taken into the engineering of the roof. Improper distribution of weight can make one area more vulnerable to damage and developing leaks.

Our Solution

A Roof Experts contractor will be on site during the installation of your HVAC system. Having a specialist advocate for the integrity of your roof is a sure way to ensure no damage is done during the installation process. Beyond that, if there are any repairs that need to be done before installation, they can be addressed promptly.

Common HVAC- Roof Problem #2: Water

Water from the HVAC system can cause problems if it collects on the roof. The risks of pooling water include mold, vegetation, aging roof material, and premature leaks. All problems that would lead to further repairs and potential business closures.

Our Solution

Expedition HVAC and Roof Experts work together to certify that all interior and exterior discharge lines and pipes from the HVAC are directed to the nearest drainage system. Making sure a drainage system is in place and available will save you from any of the issues that result from pooling water on your roof.

Common HVAC- Roof Problem #3: Work

HVAC repair crews are not trained to protect your roofing system during regular repairs and maintenance. Punctures to your roof or improperly sealed flashing will lead to leaks and giant headaches.

Our Solution

We have Dual-Trained Technicians! That’s right. We have HVAC technicians who are backed by Roof Experts contractors. These multi-talented techs guarantee your roofing system is un-compromised by HVAC repair and maintenance.

Schedule Your Roof-Experts Approved HVAC Service!

So whether you are installing a new system while building your business, maintaining a pre-existing system, or replacing one, work with us. Your roof and HVAC are too important to your building. Not only that, these two systems work hand-in-hand. Wouldn’t it be best if two companies did, too? Reach out to see first-hand what a difference it makes.

Both Roof Experts and our integrated company Expedition HVAC have decades of experience in the field. We have worked together on over 80 commercial properties in the state of Texas. We look forward to serving you and your proud business!